February 11th, 2009

me tira daqui

Ruminations on Toilet and Car

Becker Park

The toilet is fixed after they replaced the flapper for a second time. I have no idea what was wrong after the first flapper replacement. I also got my car back today after replacing the battery, the timing belt, and the power steering link assembly. (The last item was a manufacturer recall so it was free.) So, with things back to normal, I can finally get back on track.

What I learnt is I didn't appreciate how idyllic my daily home life was until I had maintenance men coming in several times and interrupting it, and commenting rather rudely on stuff in my living room in the process. I thanked them for fixing the toilet but the rest of this episode was unnecessarily abrasive. I also wasn't really comfortable driving a car that wasn't my own for two days. It's not just the different handling and different radio knobs but also having to be extra careful because I'm liable for even the tiniest ding or scratch that I ordinarily wouldn't be too concerned about fixing if it was on my own car. The loaner desk clerk had to remind me of that after the previous "dent" incident.

Anyway, the moral is I should appreciate what I have while I have it because disruptions could take it all away. Either that or disruptions teach me to better appreciate what I have. In any case, I'm glad both of those issues are over and I hope the rest of the week goes smoothly.