February 13th, 2009

morton ave

Easton Tower


Cloudy and 48°F this afternoon. I went for the brand-new Easton Tower geocache in Paramus. I've been to this mill and tower before but I didn't know its name until today. I just called it Red Mill because that's the name of the adjacent road. One odd thing: I found the cache and brought it back to the car to sign in. When I was done and about to bring the cache back to the hiding spot, I noticed a police car parked right behind my car. The police officer was watching but he didn't say anything. Okay, I saw that I couldn't put the cache back right away or I might have to explain what I was doing in the brush. So I took the cache with me and drove off somewhere and came back five minutes later. The police was gone so I parked at the adjacent hair salon parking lot and put the cache back quickly. I suspect the county police is monitoring the historic site to prevent vandalism.

After that, I went to Garden State Plaza, which wasn't very far from the cache site, for lunch. At the food court, I had red curry chicken, roasted chicken, and noodles from Ruby Thai Kitchen. I didn't stick around for reasons of time but I noticed that the parking garage was pretty full. I have to wonder how high the unemployment rate is in this area for the mall to be busy on a weekday afternoon.

I received the 2-pack LED flashlights from Woot this afternoon. These are not the brightest LED flashlights I've seen but they are fairly decent for the price. Good enough for finding geocaches at night anyway.