February 23rd, 2009


Rainy Long Island

Bull/Ox sculptures at Queens Crossing

40°F. Rained most of the day. Found geocaches in 3 distinct areas. First, I did 2 geocaches that I didn't have time for during the week in the eastern part of Bergen County. Then I went for 4 geocaches in the northern part of Nassau County. 3 of those involved a bit of a hike so I probably should not have done those in the rain. "Shu Swamp Seed" was in a swamp but the trail wasn't too waterlogged in spite of the rain. Finally, I got 6 geocaches in Mastic and Shirley.

Ran into one of Tha Twinz at "Osprey Park". She was checking on the cache after someone noted that it might be missing. Nope. It's just hidden very well. I also had the wrong idea on the type of cache hide so it's a good thing the cache owner was there to provide some guidance.

Decided to forgo a side trip in Queens for one more cache so I went directly to Flushing Chinatown for dinner and shopping. I had kueh teow thong (flat rice noodles in soup) and squid with watercress. The former was obviously not authentic because back in the old country, it doesn't come with so many ingredients. (Sometimes, the non-authentic version is an improvement.) The latter dish was also somewhat different from the what I had back in the old country. However, memory is failing me so I'll have to check with my parents on what the original ingredients were. The complimentary dessert this time was sweet potato and ginger soup.

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