February 24th, 2009

morton ave

Headlight bulb, Panera Bread geocaching event

Bull/Ox sculptures at Queens Crossing

Another headlight bulb blew, so I went to Autozone in Spring Valley this afternoon to get a replacement. I got a 2-pack of bulbs this time, so in all likelihood, I'll stash the extra bulb away somewhere and forget that I have it when the next bulb blows. I remember what I did the last time. Knowing all the steps didn't save time, however. My hands are still too big to work comfortably in the tight space behind the headlight assembly and once again, I struggled with the clips on the cover. I think I can leave those clips off. I doubt the cover will fly away just because two inconsequential clips are missing. It is hooked onto something else anyway.

In the evening, I went to Panera Bread on Route 4 in Paramus for the Sippin Coffee & Talkin Geocachin (February) geocaching event. It was relatively small for a geocaching event but we took the meeting room at the back of the cafe. I don't think there was anything on the agenda. We just chatted and exchanged travel bugs. I logged them all using the free wi-fi internet. Food: I had Sierra Turkey sandwich and a salad.