March 8th, 2009

chestnut husky

Albany Kidz Expo

On Saturday, I did a mascot gig with Hi-4 at Albany Kidz Expo in the convention hall of Empire State Plaza in downtown Albany. Our group was freakylynx, grizz593, cliff_husky, coyoty, axelwolf, happypup, rapidtrabbit, rukario71, sunookitsune, bondage_husky, and I. (I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of names.)

Of course, I had to bag a couple of geocaches on my way there. This time, I just went to Saugerties, found their 3 quickest geocaches, and was on my way again. When I got to the Empire State Plaza parking garage at 10:30am, I thought the security checkpoint might take a while but the guard just scanned my ID and waved me in. Our changing area started out in a curtained space in one of the back corridors but midway through the gig, we were moved to a spacious dressing room with our own restroom and showers! Conveniently, the dressing room was behind a break room where lunch was served.

As for the event itself, I spent a lot of time in costume wandering the convention hall and also some of the outside hallways. It was a big crowd and I don't think there were too many moments when our group wasn't mobbed by kids. At 2pm, we had a group photoshoot. At around 4:30pm, we started packing up to leave. There was one geocache near the plaza. So I took a walk through the South Concourse and up to Madison Avenue to take a look. I decided against joining the group for the post-gig diner meal. The rain put a damper on my on-the-way-home geocaching plans but I still got two quick ones, one at a Thruway rest area and another on the way to Long John Silver's in New Windsor.

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