March 16th, 2009


Orange County, Pike County, Long Island, and St. Patrick's Day geocaching event


Saturday was sunny and 40-55°F. Went to Orange County and then Pike County. I finally got the two geocaches, "the old power source" and "hatching cache", that I couldn't do the last time because the hay bales in the field were on fire. The geocaches were on the rail trail, not in the field, but I didn't want to park my car anywhere near there and disrupt the work of emergency personnel. Did all the geocaches pretty quickly. It still wasn't sunset when I reached Milford so I continued heading west and finding more geocaches until I ran out of daylight. The last cache was at a public library in the middle of nowhere, 8 miles outside of Milford. For dinner, I finally got to use the Chili's coupon. I went to Chili's in Middletown and had Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers and chips and queso. That was quite a lot of food so I took some of the chips home.

Sunday was cloudy and 55°F. Went to Long Island to do some new geocaches in the northern half of the island. Also went to the Kiss Me I Think I'm Irish geocaching event. I hadn't planned on going when I did but by the 8th geocache, I was tired and dragging around so I decided to stop early and see some friends. It was a nice event, albeit very crowded because the meeting room at the back of Panera Bread in West Babylon was small. I brought the netbook so I could log the travel bugs that I'd just picked up that day before leaving them at the event. I find that the size of the laptop computer matters a lot when it comes to deciding whether I'll bring it or not. I probably wouldn't have brought the bigger laptop along. Aside from cupcakes, conversation, and travel bug exchanges, there was also a raffle. I won a small geocache container that I should probably hang in a pine tree somewhere. :)

After that, I went to Flushing Chinatown for dinner. This time, I went to Box 5 Buffet on 40th Road. This restaurant is right next to Curry Leaves so I must've passed it at least half a dozen times since its grand opening. What made me decide to go in? Well, this time, there was a sign outside saying "10% discount". Works for me! :) So the deal was I got 4 items plus rice and soup for $4.50. The food was okay, not spectacular, but the price was right. And what counts is it was satisfying. I also had some egg custards at Vanilla Cafe.

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