March 17th, 2009


Just a few things that escaped mention

I noticed that they were building a wooden shed across the green but I thought it was only a toolshed or some such. Last week, I got a note. It's the new recycling shed! This is a welcome development. Previously, the only place to take old newspapers, bottles, and cans was the recycling center behind the old police station in the middle of town. That place is open only two days a week and the hours are not convenient, so I'd been letting paper waste accumulate around my place so I could haul it all out in one go. Now, I can just walk it out to the recycling shed any time.

I hadn't done much trading since December because I'd been waiting for the right time to make a move. However, last week, I took profit in SRS and MGU. SRS is a real estate inverse ETF. I was looking at some charts and had a hunch that it had topped out so I sold it all, which was fortunate because it fell 25% the next day. Speculative little son of a gun it was. The MGU sale was an automatic trade. I figured out how much of a gain I wanted at the time of purchase and posted a sell limit order accordingly. Got it just a few days later. I'm sure I left a bunch of money on the table but I'm not planning on staying in that one until the economic picture is a little better.

And finally, I had a Shamrock Shake. I knew that the McDonald's in Milford, PA, had shamrock shakes because I was there for the How Phat is That? geocache. This mystery cache uses nutritional information from the restaurant to compute coordinates for the physical cache container, which was about half a mile away. Since I knew about the shamrock shake and hadn't had one in years, I stopped by on my way out of Milford that evening to get one.