March 20th, 2009

fox bend


Yantacaw Brook Park

It was a rainy day but by evening, the rain had stopped. I thought I had plenty of time for both geocaches but a few miles down the Garden State Parkway, I got stuck in a traffic delay caused by an accident at around milepost 157. By that time, the affected vehicles had already been towed from the accident site but the residual delay still cost me about half an hour. I'd thought about giving up and turning around but I pressed ahead anyway.

I got to Stumped? shortly before dusk. This geocache is in Yantacaw Brook Park in Montclair. This section is a fairly open park, mostly field with a few trees. The cache site, however, was uncomfortably close to the back window of one of the houses so I hope no one was looking when I picked up the cache. Coordinates were off by about 80 feet (and the cache owner admitted as much in the cache description) but there was only one hiding spot like that in the area so it wasn't difficult.

Then I went to Clarks Pond Nature Preserve in Bloomfield for Finding Your Way Home. It was already the darker side of dusk by the time I got there but I didn't think it would be much of a problem. In contrast to the previous park, this one is a wooded area and the ground was muddy so I had to be careful where I stepped. Also, the coordinates I had were off by a bit. When I checked the cache page on my cell phone, I saw the corrected coordinates and those helped a lot. After that, I went back to Paramus, to Boston Market for a chicken pot pie.