March 30th, 2009


Westchester and Long Island

According to the weather forecast, there was a 90% chance of rain on Saturday. So I planned on doing a bunch of easy geocaches in Westchester. Well, surprise! The day was sunny and 60°F. I still did those easy geocaches but I threw in some bike trail walks and a few hikes in the woods. Park and grabs are fine for quick gratification but those don't really nourish the soul. I had a $5 coupon from my last visit to Johnny Rockets, so I returned to Palisades Center in the evening to have dinner at Johnny Rockets again. This time, I had #12 and fries and a chocolate peanut butter shake. Also had a refill of the fries. I think if they had unlimited garlic fries, that would make them an even match to Red Robin.

Sunday was a rainy day. It was 46°F to 54°F most of the day. There was a geocaching event in Manhattan in the morning, but I decided to skip it because I started a little late and I'd have to rush over to make it in time. One thing about driving in Manhattan is you can't be in a hurry. There is too much traffic and too many traffic lights, and I would think the rain makes it worse. So I just skipped ahead to the Long Island part of my plans for the day. Didn't get to do too many caches after all. I tackled a few walks in the woods, as far as I could go before getting too wet. Of course, there were a few quick ones too.

For dinner, I went to Flushing Chinatown and had nasi lemak and stuffed vegetables Malaysian style. I think this is a repeat of what I had the first time I went to Curry Leaves but these dishes are worth repeating. The curry really hit the spot. This restaurant is family owned and operated, and I still think it is interesting the way they use the dining area as their family living room. They watch TV there, the kids play there, and this evening, they disciplined their kids there. Okay, perhaps doing that in front of customers was a bit over the line. Another observation: Because the sun sets later now and because I tend to geocache all the way to sunset and because it takes an hour and a half to go from East Moriches to Queens, I arrived at Flushing Chinatown at around 9pm. I noticed that many restaurants and stores close at 9pm on Sunday so that will cut down on my choices until Daylight Saving Time ends in the Fall. Two of my usual places are open after 9pm but I'm going to miss the sweet bean curd.

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