April 21st, 2009


IKEA Breakfast, Central Jersey, Central Connecticut, Earthstock Mascot Gig

I started the day on Saturday with a free small breakfast at IKEA in Paramus. I believe this is the second weekend this year they're running this promo. I missed the first one. As I expected, the place was packed but it didn't take long to pick up the food and coffee. Then I went geocaching in North and then Central Jersey. It was sunny and the temperature as high as 82°F. I nearly died of heat but before dying, I climbed Snake Hill in Secaucus for Another Secaucus Panorama (Climb'&Find' 6). My approach to the peak ended with a crawl up a 45° slope. It was slippery because of leaves on the ground. On the way back, I slid down the hill while holding on to a wire fence.

For the rest of the day, nothing else was as challenging as the Snake Hill climb. I ran into Vegan Freaks on the way out from CJCC: India. They were going for the whole set of CJCC caches. As I mentioned to them, I wasn't doing the set all at once. I'm just picking up a CJCC caches a few at a time since I wasn't in a rush for the geocoin prizes. Dinner was at Burrito Royale in Monmouth Junction. I was curious about that little taco stand on US-1 as I've driven past it many times. I had super nachos. The verdict: It's not that special, although the food portion was huge.

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