April 29th, 2009

morton blvd

Long Pond Ironworks

Long Pond Ironworks

Sunny and 90°F. It's another in a series of hot days. Nevertheless, since it wasn't raining, I headed out in the evening to Long Pond Ironworks in West Milford for two geocaches. The first of the two was Sparrow Nest 1. There was a small pullout on the side of the road near the cache but it didn't look like a good place to park. Then I saw the state park police shooing away people who were parked there. Nuts to that! So I drove on and parked at a proper parking area half a mile up the road. Then I took a walk back along the road until I got close enough to cut through the woods to the cache site. This is a historic early industrial site. I saw ruins and waterwheels.

From Sparrow Nest 1, it was only about 0.1 mile to the Long Pond Ironworks geocache but that's as the crow flies. The latter was actually on the other side of the river, so I had to hike downstream a bit to get to a footbridge and then hike back upstream for a quarter of a mile to the cache site. After all that, I hiked back out to the road and took a walk along the road for half a mile to the parking area. Then I went to Paramus Park Mall to use some Sunday newspaper coupons. I had a super cheeseburger from Nathan's and two donuts from Dunkin Donuts. Not terribly healthy so I had some fruit (fresh cantaloupe) once I got home.

Columbia Sportswear sent me the replacement boots, two pairs of the same kind, and they were delivered on Monday. These are to replace a pair of boots I sent in for warranty repair back in January and another pair I sent in February with the same problem. I'm glad. I'll try these soon and I hope they last longer. I also received free samples of breakfast cereal and toothpaste in the mail. I requested the samples through links posted at Wise Bread but I didn't think I would get these because free stuff offered through the web typically runs out within a very short time. So this too is a surprise.