May 12th, 2009

morton blvd

Keeping things local

Bird builds a nest in the "A" of Staples

3 new geocaches in my neighborhood, so what did I do? Go out and find them, of course. The Grandfather Tree Cache is in a wooded area in the middle of a residential area in River Vale. When I arrived at the cache site, I saw two new geocachers already looking around. The cache was a snap to find but I'm guessing they need a few more under their belt before it becomes easy. Then I went to Backstage, which is behind the bandshell at Beechwood Park in Hillsdale.

That's all the time I had before lunch. So I went to KFC in Hillsdale, where I picked up the rain check form that KFC was offering because of the KFC-Oprah grilled chicken coupon fiasco. Once again, I had grilled chicken but I used a direct mail coupon instead.

In the evening, I went for the Poplar Road Wildlife Sanctuary geocache at a park off Poplar Road in River Vale. It was a pretty quick one once I'd gotten past the pine grove.

I decided to return the camera instead of taking the partial refund because I found an additional flaw: a piece was missing from one of the battery door latches. This is bad because it's only a matter of time before the other latch breaks off, rendering the battery door unusable. When I contacted the eBay seller, a customer service representative emailed me a prepaid UPS Ground shipping label. So return shipping is covered. How nice.