May 14th, 2009


Connecticut - Wings & Beer Geocaching Event

Sunny and 68°F. I took the day off to go geocaching in Connecticut and attend the Wings & Beer (and Pizza, too!) geocaching event at Porky's Cafe in Shelton.

Of course, I did many geocaches on my way to the event. The most remarkable adventure was at "Guess What? Chicken..." I knew from the terrain rating and hint that I needed to climb the tree to get the cache, which was on a branch that was beyond my reach by about one foot. I'm not good at climbing trees and I didn't even want to try. So I went to the next cache down the road, "Meena Moo's Cache". While looking for Meena Moo's, I came across a discarded 5-gallon bucket in the woods. I had an interesting idea. I picked up the bucket and brought it back to "Guess What? Chicken..." I placed the bucket face down on the ground, stood on top of it, and was able to reach that cache! So one man's illegally-dumped trash is another man's step-stool. The bucket is still in the trunk of my car, ready for the next tree-climb cache.

The Wings & Beer Micro Cache is just across the street from the event location. I took a stab at that cache before the event but it was rather tricky so I didn't see it at the time. Since it was time for dinner, I decided to go to the event first. It was a relatively small gathering. I sat at a table with mopar and Geo Ho, and I had a taco salad. While at the event, I read all the online logs for the micro cache and by the time I was done, I had a pretty good idea where to look and what to look for. Tried looking for it again after I left the event and this time, it didn't take long to find.

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