May 22nd, 2009

morton blvd

Pine Brook and Cameras

Alley Pond Park

Did two geocaches yesterday evening in the Pine Brook area. BT02-Behind The Depot is, as the name suggests, behind a Home Depot. BT03-Time for lunch is at a small park in a nearby residential area. Dinner was at Ruby Tuesday because I had a $4 coupon. I didn't go to the one at Willowbrook Mall in Wayne because of past experience with their slow service. Instead, I went to the one at Garden State Plaza in Paramus. I had the Buffalo chicken minis combo with salad bar.

I've gotten all the camera issues sorted out for now. I returned the defective Nikon Coolpix L11 camera to Cowboom last week and they issued a refund, including what they charged for tax and shipping, so I wasn't out anything on that deal. Then I took delivery of a Coolpix L4 the other day and another Coolpix L11 this afternoon. Both are fully functional, as far as I can tell. The test picture I took with the L11 is of the eBay seller's packing material. He apparently ran a cardboard box through a shredder. Rather unusual but that did the trick.

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