June 17th, 2009


Central Jersey, Third Tuesday Event, and the 10K Celebration

Took the day off so that I could have a full day of geocaching before going to the monthly geocaching event in the evening. This time, I went down the Turnpike side of the state and found caches in Jersey City and Bayonne. It was very slow going through that area because of traffic. "India Palace" was in an interesting area even if the cache itself wasn't too noteworthy. It was stashed in a dead tree planter next to an Indian grocery. After finding the cache, I went into the grocery because I was curious. I saw a broad selection of curries in there. I got their sale item of the day because I could use that.

In the evening, I went to Fuddruckers in New Brunswick for "Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers", the monthly event. This one was special because Boscobaby brought cake to celebrate my 10,000th find. It was vanilla cake with raspberry filling. I thought there was lemon in it too but that flavor was apparently from the flower. I also had nachos with chili to go with the cake.

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