June 23rd, 2009

chicken fries

KFC grilled chicken raincheck

I've finally used the KFC grilled chicken raincheck coupon. I went to KFC in Ramsey this evening and got grilled chicken with beans and corn on the cob. And here's the receipt with lots of zeros. This brings closure to the KFC-Oprah grilled chicken promo from a month and a half ago, which was besieged by a number of problems, including unprepared restaurant managers and chicken outages. KFC corporate then had to send out raincheck coupons in a staggered fashion so as not to unduly burden their franchisees. Anyway, I shouldn't gripe since I did get a free meal and KFC did make sure that the coupon would be honored, but I hope that if they have another giveaway in the future, they'll coordinate with their franchisees so that it goes more smoothly.

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