July 2nd, 2009


Anthrocon Day -1

Got a few last-minute items for Anthrocon on Tuesday: the state flag and a flagpole. I wasn't planning to carry a flag in the fursuit parade but I found out where to get one close to home so I figured why not? After work, I had a dental appointment. Same as always: teeth are solid, gums are bleeding at a low level. I'd finished packing the day before so I loaded all the stuff onto the car that evening and headed out at around 10pm.

First geocache was at midnight in the Poconos. From then on, it was drive and find, drive and find, etc, in the dark. It was an interesting time. The small towns were very quiet in the wee hours of the morning, although I did see a few 24-hour stores. The only geocache that perhaps I should not have gone for in the dark was "RIN TIN TIN". It was in a swampy area and I was tiptoeing through the puddles at 3:50am. However, it was just off I-80, I had my boots, and I figured I may never be back this way again, so I did it.

After daybreak, I kicked it up a notch. Went town by town, finishing all the easy geocaches. Lunch was the buffet at Plyler's in Brookville. Found a few more geocaches after that and also shopped for a few items that I forgot to pack, of course. Good thing I knew where to find what I needed along Route 28. Checked in at the hotel at 4:45pm after driving through heavy rain and traffic. Met up with coyoty, who's sharing the room for one night, and marauderosu.

For dinner, marauderosu and I took a walk out to Primanti Brothers in the Strip District. (18th Avenue, about 2/3 of a mile from Westin) The food is a little different: They stuff their sandwiches with fries and coleslaw. I had the colossal fish sandwich, which was pretty good and quite filling. I'll definitely have to go again to try their other sandwiches.

After dinner, I wore the raccoon fursuit and went out to the hotel common area and The Zoo. I did that before the con started to get used to the costume, but it was fun because there was already a bit of a crowd and a bunch of other fursuiters out and about. The non-furry hotel guests were amused too. The design of this costume makes it easy to wear a t-shirt over the bodysuit. For maximum irony, I wore the "I'd Rather Be Fursuiting" shirt. At least a couple of people noticed and got the joke. :)

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