August 24th, 2009


Westchester, Donuts Event, Poconos

Saturday was a rainy day so I didn't go too far or plan too much. I just went to Westchester and bagged some geocaches, mostly quick ones. The rain did help me with "Mamaroneck Discovery 4" though. This one is right in downtown Mamaroneck. Usually, that location would be way too busy but with the rain, not many people were in the area and I was able to make the grab.

On Sunday, I woke up quite a bit earlier than usual to attend "mmmm even more Donuts?!", a geocaching event at the I-80 Westbound scenic overlook in Columbia. It was worth getting up a little before 6am for donuts, yeah. I was actually a little early so I decided to do a few geocaches along the way. I pulled into the parking area for "HOPES INFORMATION CENTER" and saw BigA800 and Walkin' Ed already there. So we did that cache and two more and then hurried over to the event. The "just one more" syndrome had made us a bit late for the event. :) Fortunately, there were still some donuts left when we got there because Weathernowcast got almost enough for 3 donuts per attendee!

I went off on my own after the event instead of following the group to the tunnels. I did run into Team Tron at "Portland-Columbia Footbridge", however. My plan was to head to Stroudsburg after the event but somehow, I managed to not do any geocaches in Stroudsburg. Instead, I went around the Pocono area to Shawnee, Bushkill, and Paradise Crossing, and finished up with the "Rest n' Peace" series on my way back towards New Jersey. I took a break in the middle to see some well-known tourist attractions in the Poconos. Since I may not be back for a long time, it would be a pity if I didn't take a look at Bushkill Falls, for example.

No eating out for dinner this weekend. I made microwave meatloaf and microwave rice on Saturday and had the leftovers on Sunday.

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