August 27th, 2009

morton blvd

Delaware, Day 2 - House Inspection

The buyer's agent arranged for a house inspection today to save me another trip down. So I merely extended my stay by one day. We had that done this morning. The home inspector arrived bright and early. He looked at everything, tested all the power sockets, turned on all the appliances, and ran the water to make sure there was no sewer blockage. Part of the service was to explain all the features of the place and to recommend maintenance procedures. I got a homeowner's manual at the end of his visit. As expected, there were a few problems but the nice part about finding those before settlement is the seller will fix those.

There was still plenty of day left after that so I went geocaching around Newark. There were lots of quick "park and grab" geocaches but I also did a loop hike in Middle Run. Then I ran into MikeOtt at "Cinematic Window to the Soul". He was surprised that I was in this area in August because I usually go to Delaware in December. So I told him about the house purchase and upcoming move.

Dinner was the Fajita Wednesdays special at Don Pablos in the Christiana Mall area in Newark. Tax-free makes it better. :)

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