September 6th, 2009


Orange County

80°F and sunny. Went geocaching in Orange County. Also found a group of six geocaches ("Mongaup River Cache" thru "Dry Dock") in the town of Mongaup, which is in Sullivan County. Ran into Evanspack at "Open and Shut Cache" by coincidence. They were just putting the cache back when I got there.

There is a bit of backstory to dinner. All this week, I'd been sorting through my stuff, deciding what to pack and move and what to throw away. The fun part about this is I keep finding interesting prizes that I'd stashed away. One of those items is an Bloomin' Onion gift card. So that's what I had at Outback Steakhouse in Middletown. Thank goodness there isn't an expiration date on the Bloom card.

The caches...Collapse )