September 8th, 2009

chestnut ramune

Pompton Day, Pyramid Mtn, Allamuchy, First Monday

Didn't update for two days so here goes...

Sunday was the Hi-4 mascot gig at the Pompton Day Festival in Pompton Lakes. The venue was a street fair that's about 0.6 of a mile long. On the roster this time were Damian K., jimwolf24, jdpuppy, rapidtrabbit, sunookitsune, antetfa (?), and myself. Our changing area was in the gym locker room at Lakeside Middle School. I did two sets in costume. Walked the entire length of the street fair and back, interacting with people along the way. Didn't think I would go all the way to the end the second time but did it anyway. In between, I took a break to get a gyro and an Italian ice.

Monday was the Labor Day Holiday but that mattered little to me now. :) I went geocaching, mostly at Pyramid Mountain and Allamuchy State Park. Pyramid Mountain was crowded because of the holiday. The trails up to the first hill were full of people. I was lucky to find a parking space in the Boonton Avenue parking area. I hiked up and over the hill, down to the lake, and back to parking, finding 4 geocaches along the way. Allamuchy was a much flatter walk but still lengthy. It was getting close to dusk at that time so I only did 3 of the 4 geocaches I planned there.

I ended the day at the NNJC - "First Monday" Monthly Meet & Greet 2009 geocaching event at Fuddruckers in Parsippany. This was a lightly attended meet (We only used two tables this time.), probably because people had other plans for the Labor Day weekend. I had the turkey burger. (before and after adding fixings)

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