September 28th, 2009

morton blvd

Farmer's Backyard

It was a rainy day so I decided not to go to Long Island. It's not worth paying the NYC bridge tolls unless it's going to be a picture-perfect day. It was a good day anyway to catch up on things I needed to do at home. However, I was also waiting for the rain to stop because a new geocache, Haiku Cache No.4-Farmer's Backyard, had just been listed right in this town. 4pm arrived and the rain still had not stopped, but I needed to get the Sunday paper so I went for the cache along the way.

It's located at the Montvale Environmental Center, a loop of boardwalks starting at the parking area of the town's municipal complex. In truth, this cache would've been easily doable even in heavy rain because it's a short walk of about 500 feet and only two steps from the boardwalk.

I'm only two days away from settlement day. It's an exciting time. I already have most of the details ironed out so tomorrow, I'll do the banking, make a call or two, and finish packing essential items for the first carload.
morton ave

Final Preparations

Called the electric/gas utility this morning to confirm that I'll have service when I get there. Then I went to the bank to get the cashier's check. I should've stopped there and gone on my way. Instead, I then tried to use my ATM card and it was rejected by the ATM. Oh boy. Went back into the bank to inquire and found out that the card number was closed. They tried to make a new card for me but encountered some software issues. (It's Windows 98 and probably due for a reboot. Also, they likely had a change in software after the merger and were still learning the ropes.) Finally, the manager tried a different computer and got me a working ATM card. For my patience, he gave me a tape measure and spirit level tool with the bank logo. Nice! I hadn't thought of packing one of these but I sure could use it at my new place.

After that, I went geocaching in Paramus. There were 7 new geocaches, all with a "bee" theme and all located near strip malls along Route 17 northbound. How could I resist? Other than having to drive around and make some U-turns, none of those geocaches took a long time. I met Airmont Steve and Airmont Rosebud at "Bee on a Bridge". Also, I was the first (and apparently the only person today) to find "Bee Goes Belly-up". I ended this little excursion with a fish and chips platter at Paramus Park Mall. Yeah, I had coupons. :)

I ordered a Verizon DSL dry loop for the place and they already screwed up right at the start. I received two confirmation emails with two data line numbers. Tried calling them today to correct the problem but their DSL department is open only until 6pm. The customer service line is 24/7 but they are apparently powerless to help me after 6pm. The service rep couldn't even take a message for the DSL department. I'll have to call them again tomorrow on the way to or after arriving in Delaware. I do hope that their system is intelligent enough to see that there are two DSL orders for the same address and to reject one of those orders but somehow, I doubt that.

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