October 31st, 2009

chestnut halloween

Teterboro and Tackamack

Still doing a lot of packing. I started to look deep into the filing cabinet and even if I put those there myself at one time, it was still amazing what I found. There were checkbooks from banks that no longer exist and calling cards from pre-merger phone companies from the early 90s. I used calling cards at payphones in NYC back in the days before I had a cell phone. Those were pretty insecure because someone could watch me dial and steal the PIN. Anyway, I called the 800 numbers on those cards to make sure that they were no longer valid before shredding the cards and associated documentation.

I found some time to go and grab a few nearby geocaches. Friday afternoon, I went to the park across the street from Teterboro Airport for Goodbye, TEB: Low-flying Bees, Goodbye, TEB: Bee-headed, Goodbye, TEB: Bee Below Board, and Goodbye, TEB: That Bee is OUTTA HERE!. I parked in one place and walked to all four caches. It still didn't take that much time because the total walking distance was under a mile.

On Saturday, I went to Tackamack Park in Orangetown, NY, for Rest in Peace, a Halloween-themed geocache. Not the best weather but it's the appropriate day for that and the overcast, drizzly weather added to the atmosphere. It still wasn't that spooky though.