November 13th, 2009


Writer's Block: If these walls could talk

Would you rent or buy the home of your dreams if a brutal murder had taken place there? What if you got to live there rent-free? Would you think twice if neighbors warned you that it was haunted?

I'm not sure it would matter. When I bought my house, I didn't know who lived here previously or what happened to them. While doing yardwork one day, I talked to a neighbor and found out that the previous owners were a family whose head of household died of natural causes. The remainder of the family lived there for quite a bit longer before they finally had to sell. Okay, I suppose if all other factors are roughly equal, I would choose the house where the murder did not take place.
morton blvd

Another step towards relocation

Wednesday: Took a load of stuff I didn't need over to Goodwill in Nanuet. I would've just thrown it out but it seemed a shame to waste. Then back home for more packing.

Thursday: Rainy day. Headed to Delaware again with another bunch of stuff and also the laundry. There's a washing machine in the house. Might as well use it. :) Stopped in Florence-Roebling along the way and did 4 quick geocaches in the rain: Whos Playing baseball?, Cache of the Secret Place, Under the trees, Florence Soccer. It was my father's birthday, so after leaving the stuff at the house, we went to Pinang in Newark. I had java mee. Also found the Cursed of the FTF #5 (DE Edition) geocache behind the strip mall where the restaurant was. It was before-dinner entertainment. :)

Friday: Another rainy day. I went to the DMV (which was only a mile from home!) to swap my NJ driver's license for a DE driver's license. I'd done the research beforehand so I had all the documentation I needed. (Not much. 2 utility bills, SS card) It took just under 2 hours. Most of that time was spent waiting for my turn and once I got to the counter and photo booth, it wasn't long before I had a new plastic card for my wallet. Now, all I need to do is switch the car title/registration over to DE. No need to hurry though. I have 60 days. Also, I'll look into getting a New Castle County library card soon. (I'm now a property tax paying resident. Might as well benefit from that. :) )