December 9th, 2009


On-site Interview

Had the interview this morning. Only 10 miles from home. I allowed plenty of time to get there but it really wasn't necessary because other than a bit of congestion at the I-95 to Route 273 ramp, there weren't any traffic delays. The company is at a typical suburban corporate building, similar to my previous job setting. It wasn't a long interview. Started a bit after 9am and we were done by about noon. The first part was technical and the second part was a general Q&A. I thought it went okay but who knows? For what it's worth, the HR lady told me I was better in person than over the phone.

After that, I went for the FSC2009 Newark geocache near the Newark Reservoir and shopped at the Chinese supermarket in downtown Newark before heading for home. Just because my trip there was for an interview doesn't mean I can't turn it into an errand run. :)

Also, when I got home, I saw that the trash hauler finally delivered the 96-gallon garbage can. That's a good thing because the interim solution of leaving the household trash in large plastic bags by the curb didn't really look good.