December 17th, 2009


Dover geocaching event

I planned on attending the Santa LOVES PIZZA!!! geocaching event, but since it's in Dover, I figured I might as well make a day of it. The first stop was to drop off yard waste from the past two days of yardwork at the mid-county yard waste drop-off site. No charge for disposal so it's a good place to bring all the tree branches from the backyard. Then we stopped at the Wonder/Hostess Bakery Outlet in Cheswold.

After that, we started on the geocaches for the day. Didn't do too many in Dover. The first few were south of Dover. Then there were a bunch in Magnolia and a bunch more in Milford, including one Sussex County geocache I needed for the Delaware Counties Challenge. (really easy because there are only 3 counties in Delaware :) ) The physical cache for the counties challenge turned out to be just behind a Target store, which is convenient because I needed to get a few items from there. (Interesting how shopping and geocaching can interweave.)

Finished the day at the geocaching event, which was at Uno Chicago Grill in Dover. It was a good event. I didn't know everyone there but I knew a few people from having attended a few previous December events in Northern Delaware. We had chicken fajita pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, and nachos. The appetizer was free because of an email list coupon. I'd signed up for Uno's mailing list just a few days before the event so I could use the intro coupon at the event.

The caches...Collapse )