December 26th, 2009


Christmas Day

My family doesn't really celebrate Christmas so it's a quiet day of rest. Nevertheless, a few things did happen. Shortly after 1am, I scored some Random Cr*p on Woot. I haven't managed to do that before because the Woot server usually gets bogged down whenever they post this sale. This time, however, they added a new twist by putting up a fake sale page with a link to the real sale in the text description. Judging by what went on in the discussion forum, dozens of regular Wooters missed that subtlety. I found the link and was able to place the order before it ran out for real.

TGI Friday's sent me an appetizer coupon valid on Christmas Day only. I thought that was odd because I'd assumed nearly all businesses would be closed today, but I called them and found out that they were open regular hours! So I went to their New Castle location in the evening and got takeout tostada nachos to add to our dinner at home. Dinnertime entertainment was The Secret of NIMH on Hulu. I spotted this title in Hulu's list of movies today and since I'd never watched it all the way before, I figured it was as good a time as any to see it.

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