Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Memorial Day

Rainy day. I figured the rain wouldn't start until the afternoon so my strategy for the day was to hit Pyramid Mountain in Morris County where one hike would net me 3 caches. But why stop there? I then swung around to Orange County to get 3 easy caches that can be done in the rain. Since it was raining anyway, I had lunch at the Arby's in Middletown.

The final cache was at the Woodbury Commons Outlet Mall. Well, not quite in the outlet mall but at the cemetery behind the mall. After finishing that cache, I went to the outlet mall to check things out. Almost right away, I remembered why I hardly ever go to Woodbury Commons these days. It was crowded and the people pushed and shoved, and did inconsiderate things like changing diapers in the doorway of a store. I kid you not! Also, all my favorite stores seem to have disappeared. Since I don't usually buy the kind of branded clothing that seems to dominate the outlet mall, there really isn't anything left for me there any more.

Pyramid / High Mtn Cache NJ (New Jersey)
Pyramid Mountain in Boonton. Steep uphill but not as hard as I remember from the last time I used this trail.

What's up pussy cat! (New Jersey)
Pyramid Mountain in Boonton. A very rocky location.

Tripod Rock (New Jersey)
Pyramid Mountain in Boonton. The key feature of this location is a boulder balanced on three much smaller rocks. There are actually a number of similar tripod rocks in Northern NJ and Rockland/Orange County so perhaps it's not as improbable as one might think.

Where Are You From Heading West (New York)
Rest area cache in Port Jervis.

Where Are You From Heading East (New York)
Rest area cache in Port Jervis. I also found a book wedged in a tree. How bizarre.

Meet The Coffey Family (New York)
Coffey Family Cemetery (Woodbury Commons) in Central Valley. It's weird to have a cemetery next to an outlet mall but consider that the cemetery has been there since the 19th Century and it is the outlet mall that got built next to it. Pretty convenient though to be able to park in the outlet mall parking lot and access the cemetery that way.


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