January 2nd, 2010


West Chester Again

Sunny and 28°F. Brutally cold because of the 30mph winds. Went geocaching on the east side of West Chester, including the towns of West Goshen, East Goshen, and Westtown. Most of those geocaches weren't that difficult but I did cherry-pick the quick ones so as not to be out in the cold weather for too long. Only "STONEWALLED" turned out to be a much longer walk than anticipated.

In the evening, we went to Target in Brandywine again. The after-Christmas clearance discount had gone up to 75% but there wasn't very much left. I got 3 boxes of chocolates for 24 cents each. I also got a $1.25 alarm clock/timer/thermometer and a $1.25 cribbage game board. After that, I couldn't resist going for the "Town Center Pick-Up" geocache, which was in the same strip mall as Target.

The caches...Collapse )