January 25th, 2010

fox sit

Waypoint file script and a bit of home improvement

Once I had momentum, it was hard to stop. So I wrote a Perl script to convert and merge EasyGPS binary .loc files and Geocaching .loc files. (These were the most common waypoint file formats before the big push to GPX format. The Geocaching website still generates .loc files from waypoint download links.) I'd been using EasyMPS to do that but a command-line utility is more convenient for my purposes. I really should've written this script a long time but I never had the time to dig into GPSBabel's source code to figure out the EasyGPS binary format. Well, I have time now, so the script's done and it does what I need. One thing I noticed is it worked perfectly on the netbook but produced bad UTF-8 output on the notebook computer. I still don't know the precise cause of that but I figured there was a broken XML module somewhere in my Perl installation. Installing XML::SAX fixed that.

Filled some small holes and cracks in the wall near the back door this evening after getting some supplies from Home Depot during the afternoon grocery run. I watched some Youtube videos for instructions but there's really nothing to it. There's a bigger hole in the laundry room wallboard that was probably made by a contractor (or the previous owner) who needed access to wiring or piping. I'll see what's back there and add some insulation before patching that hole.