February 10th, 2010

chicken fries

Writer's Block: Wake up and smell the coffee

Given the choice, would you rather sleep in or eat a delicious breakfast? Is there any food you love so much that you'd wake up at dawn or travel a great distance just to eat it?

If this question is about the Denny's free Grand Slam promotion on February 9, then my choice would be to sleep in. I heard that there were lines outside most Denny's restaurants this morning so I'm not sure that the free breakfast platter was worth waiting in the cold for. Actually, although I'd heard about this promotion on Superbowl Sunday, I'd forgotten about it and didn't find out again until around noon. I could've still had that for lunch since the free Grand Slams were available until 2pm but... maybe I'll try that next year. Then again, I'd rather wait until I get my birthday Grand Slam coupon, which I can use when there isn't a crowd.

I have woken up at 5am before and driven for 2 hours to have breakfast at Old Country Buffet. That was a geocaching event though and it was worth getting up early to breakfast with an interesting bunch of people. Plus, we went out for geocaches after that. Also, I liked the breakfast buffet and the weird things I was able to do with the food. Some folks probably still remember when I put gravy on the rice krispies.