February 23rd, 2010

fox bend

Not about cleaning the pipes

Candy canes Got paid for that little Yahoo Pipes job this morning. It's an unexpected bonus because I haven't actually set up anything or started putting my services out there yet. Someone needed something done and noticed that I was answering questions on Aardvark about Yahoo Pipes and that's how I got this one. It's interesting work and a taste of more freelancing to come later. Also, I suppose I'll find out about the Partial Benefit Rate calculation when I declare self-employment income on my next biweekly UI claim.

Also... I had no idea that my AAA membership was regional until I received my renewal notice and tried to renew online, which obviously didn't work since AAA Mid-Atlantic doesn't share records with AAA North Jersey. So I called AAA Mid-Atlantic to transfer my membership over. In the same phone call, I renewed my membership using my Shoppers' Hotline reward card (might as well use it for something before it gets hit with an inactivity fee) and got a small discount plus 2 extra months, apparently. (expires in 14 months instead of 12.)

And finally, I wrote my volunteer resume and posted it on VolunteerMatch. This way, I'll be prepared if I'm up to doing any local charity gigs this Spring.