March 8th, 2010

morton blvd

Ambling in Alapocas

Alapocas Run State Park Sunny and nearly 60°F. It was such a nice day that after finishing work on the fence this morning, we went out to Alapocas Run State Park for the Alapocas Woods geocache. One is never enough so we then went to the opposite end of the park and did Alapocas Respite too. That's an interesting spot with a pile of large rocks. The big flat rock in the lower middle is apparently used as a bench.

Did a bit of shopping at Target in Brandywine. Then drove back down through downtown Wilmington to pick up Seven Stories High along the way. Traffic and parking were not issues on the weekend, especially on the weekend at night. This geocache is at the top of a parking garage but it could be accessed without paying by parking on the street and taking the elevator up. There are a few more geocaches I haven't done in downtown Wilmington but I'll save those for later since I'll be passing through the town often enough.