March 9th, 2010


North East

Bridge out on Razor Strap Road Another sunny and 60°F day! Did a sweep of North East and the outskirts of Elkton and got 26 geocaches. Most were fairly common types but there were 2 unusual caches: one was a rubber snake and the other was a rat. Met CodyHollowFarm at... Cody Hollow Farm. (Yes, really.) Just in time too because I was having trouble with "The Sign", a multistage cache. She pointed me towards the final stage and went off to close the barn for the evening while I went for the cache.

A few impressions of North East: The locals won't steal or tamper with a geocache, even if it is sitting out there in plain sight. I explained the game to one of the locals who was curious about it and he told me he'd come across another one in the neighborhood. Also, there are public restrooms right in the downtown area. I wish more towns would do that.

The caches...Collapse )