March 18th, 2010


Groundhog Day - Six Weeks Later

Sunny and nearly 70°F this afternoon. Planned a day of geocaching up around Souderton so that I can hit the Groundhog Day - Six Weeks Later geocaching event in the evening. What actually happened was I entered the area and just went from nearest cache to next nearest cache and spent most of the day in Hatfield and Montgomeryville, where the cache density was pretty high.

Headed over to the Souderton Pizza Hut in the evening for the event. We were actually early because only Unnamed, the host, was there when we arrived, but everyone else came in soon after. It wasn't a big event. Only about a dozen or so local geocachers attended, but that's a good thing because the restaurant wasn't very big. We had the pizza buffet. I had pizza, more pizza, and salad. (Well, the salad's in there somewhere!)

After dinner, we went for a few more geocaches, picking off the ones that were doable at night in Souderton and Telford. Encountered one nasty local individual at a cache site. I've seen his type a number of times in Long Island and New Jersey, so I have enough experience to know how not to escalate. From what I've heard, they are often not liked by their own communities, so pity the people who have to deal with them every day.

The caches...Collapse )