April 12th, 2010


North/Northeast Philadelphia

wlj-4 Sunny and 70°F. Went geocaching in north and then northeast Philadelphia today. The goal for today was to do a couple of geocaches in the Fishtown area and then wander off, hitting more geocaches around the north part of the city. What I saw is this part of the city is home to some rather quirky outdoor sculpture installations, including a dodecahedron, a pink tank, and a bunch of tile animals. Lots of murals too. The downsides: urban decay, abandoned and boarded-up buildings, graffiti, vandalism, and trash everywhere.

Finished the day with a food and grocery run to Philadelphia Chinatown. Had a Cantonese Chow Fun at Banana Leaf to add to the food photoset. Discovered that Wan Sheng Supermarket has its own parking lot behind the store but didn't need to use it as street parking in that area is free on Sunday anyway. It's useful to remember that for other days of the week though. Also, I'm surprised I missed a detail like that on my previous 5 visits to this Chinese supermarket.

The caches...Collapse )