April 21st, 2010


No Brooms on Flower Patches

Had a lot of things to take care of this morning and into the afternoon. Also spoke with another recruiter. This job opportunity sounds interesting because it'll involve the Twitter API. Hope to talk to the manager later to find out more about this project.

By the time I left home, it was the middle of the afternoon so I didn't expect to do too many geocaches. First stop was Flower Patch on Broom in Wilmington. When I got there, Yogalin, Crafty Seahorse, and Evanspack were already searching. This was a tough one because it was well-concealed and we didn't want to trample the flowers while searching. Funny thing is the locals didn't seem to pay any attention to a bunch of people doing strange things in the middle of a flower patch. Next stop was Noah's Ark in Elsmere. This too was difficult. I started looking and then rflester joined in the search. It turned out to be in a spot on the other side of the creek that was uncomfortably close to, if not inside, someone's backyard.

Next 4 geocaches were easy in comparison. Those were all in Valley Garden Park in Greenville. I did a 2-mile hike on the many trails and found Berries, Valley Garden Park -Part Two, WOLVERINE, and Hobbs Trail. The last one was technically in a state park area just outside of Valley Garden Park, although strangely, the only access to that area is from Valley Garden Park.