April 23rd, 2010



Sunny and 60-70°F, with one incidence of micro-hurricane while I was at "Limited Utility". (No kidding! The storm arrived while I was at that cache site and went away in about 15 minutes.) Went geocaching in West Chester, West Whiteland, Exton, Frazer, North Whiteland, Lionville, and apparently back to Exton.

Lots of interesting caches today. "uucache" is a puzzle cache but anyone who's been around the net a while should know how to decode this. "Stories : Exton" was an interesting one where I had to read an informational display about the Zook family in the Exton Square Mall to answer some questions and form a call number, which I used to find the actual cache inside the Chester County Library, next door to the mall.

Then there was a long drive on Old Valley Road, a dirt road, for 3 geocaches, "Creep On In", "Spot On", and "House Farm Road". The dirt road is very bumpy but drivable at 5-10mph or so. "Wife and Horse" is at an unusual sign that says "Slow Down - Horse & Wife Crossing".

The caches...Collapse )