May 12th, 2010

fox sit

Tuesday Mystery Run

Yesterday, I spent a few hours weeding the back section of my backyard. It's the part that looks like a vegetable farm because of all those leafy weeds growing to about two feet high. I still have no idea what those plants are so I need to check a weed database. I pulled all those weeds and filled up four contractor waste bags. This morning, I drove the bags of weeds to the community yard waste drop-off in Bear. I'm not sure how long they can keep this yard waste drop-off going before they have to close it for a month to grind up all that vegetation. In the time since I started visiting the drop-off, the hill of yard waste has grown to a mountain range of yard waste. My trunk-load of weeds were a mere drop in the bucket compared to what was already there.

Once I was done with the yard waste, I went for a few geocaches. The first one was Pythagoras in Glasgow Park. It's a puzzle cache. I'm not sure why I ignored this puzzle for so long. It's not difficult and I was familiar with both number series. Then I went to Christiana Mall for Construction Made Me Do It. This too is a mystery cache. I wouldn't classify it as a puzzle though. It uses information at the first stage to derive the coordinates for the cache. Then I climbed the little hill behind the mall for the cache.

Since I wasn't far from Don Pablo's and since it's Tuesday, I had All-You-Can-Eat Taco Tuesday. I'm amazed they still have that special. Also took a look at Harbor Freight since they had a coupon circular in the Sunday paper. This hardware store isn't nearly as big as Home Depot but they have some interesting gadgets for which I may revisit them. This time, I got a large basket for yard waste.

My contributor's copy of "Important Bird Areas of New Jersey" from NJ Audubon arrived this afternoon in the mail. They asked me for my Wildcat Ridge photo last year. I didn't think it was my best work but they wanted it so I donated the photo. And thus, I got the book today. It's a beautiful book in full-color printing. The book has bird lists, bird photos, and habitat photos for over 120 wildlife areas in New Jersey. (many of which I remember from having gone geocaching there)