May 13th, 2010

Plush Husky

World Guy

Sometimes the things you see while traveling around are worth a second look. Yesterday, while driving from the yard waste drop-off to Glasgow Park, I saw a man with a large globe on the side of Wrangle Hill Road. I didn't stop to inquire at the time but I caught a glimpse of the URL on his globe. The man is Erik Bendl, a.k.a. World Guy, and this year, he is rolling his large canvas world up the northeast states for the cause of diabetes awareness.

Today, I was running some errands. I figured he would be up around my area by this afternoon, so after I was done with the banking, I gave him a call and found out that he was at the Good Will Fire Company in New Castle. So I went to see him there.

World Guy

He was at the fire station sheltering from last night's rain and taking a break to update his blog on his Blackberry. We chatted for a bit. He was planning on taking a walk around old New Castle in the afternoon and tomorrow, he'll be across the Delaware Memorial Bridge in South Jersey so look out for him there. He's a nice fellow working for a good cause. Hope he has a safe journey.