May 20th, 2010

morton blvd

Pike Creek and Carousel Park

It was an overcast day. I thought it was going to rain but there were a few new geocaches in the area so I figured I'd go do those. Well, it didn't rain after all, so I carried on and did more geocaches until dusk. (more or less) I met up with rflester at "Old Stone Wall" in Carousel Park. This was a tough search, even with two people but I spotted the cache after a while. Then we met up again at "Road No More", just a bit up Limestone Road.

I continued on my own and did two geocaches on the Chestnut Hill Trail in White Clay Creek and one in "A Local Park". Then I returned to Carousel Park (all these locations are just within a few miles of each other) for the last 4 geocaches of the day. The last one, "Just Degrees or Down to Seconds", is a puzzle cache that I worked out in the field. (simple calculations)

The caches...Collapse )