May 21st, 2010

fox bend

Middle Run

I only had one errand to do today and that was to deposit the 401K check into my rollover IRA. By coincidence, the branch office is near a new geocache I found just the day before so I went to the same strip mall two days in a row. Could've saved that cache for today.

Once that errand was done, I headed over to Middle Run Valley Natural Area in Newark. I did two long hikes. First, I parked in a residential area and accessed the trails from there. Did a loop hike and got a bunch of geocaches. Then I drove over to the main parking area for Middle Run. Did another loop hike and got a bunch more geocaches. So that was a whole lot of walking. There were some good geocaches and some old geocaches from as far back as 2002. It's nice to see geocaches from long ago still active and in decent condition, although "State Quarters Cache" looks like it's getting squished by the tree. (The vitamin bottle was wedged in the tight split of a tree and has gotten somewhat deformed.)

On the way back from Middle Run, I stopped at the Newark Cici's Pizza location that abruptly went out of business in March. It's so sad. The place still looks the way it did on the last day of business, except that no one's there now. All the posters, including the one for the "$3.99 buffet" special, are still in the windows. All the condiments and napkins are still on the tables. A few tables still have uncleared plates and pizza crust scraps. (Apparently, Cici's pizza crust takes a while to decompose.) It's as though they just up and left in the middle of the day without cleaning or packing up. Well, I guess if someone wants to start a Cici's franchise at the same location, everything is already there and ready to go.

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