May 25th, 2010


Lancaster X - Lititz and Manheim

Overcast and humid. Rained a bit in the late afternoon. 75-80°F. Went out to Lancaster County. First, I went around Lancaster and Leacock to finish a few geocaches I skipped over for various reasons on previous trips to the area. Then I went to Lititz/Warwick to do the other half of the geocaches in that town that I ran out of time for previously. Then I headed further north to the wilderness area to do a few geocaches in the Speedwell Forge area before heading southwest a bit to Manheim for the remainder of the day's geocaches. I thought I spent way too long on some of the geocaches but managed to cram a lot in anyway. After the last cache, I noticed that I was on the same route number as Long John Silver's. So it was a 6-mile straight shot down Route 72 to dinner. How convenient.

The most fun cache of the day was "On the First Day of Christmas". It's a microcache hanging high up in a pine tree. However, this tree has lots of thick horizontal branches so it wasn't that dangerous or difficult of a climb. I just stepped up from branch to branch, holding on to a few branches at a time, until I got there. I'm always amazed that a tree branch no thicker than my wrist can support my weight, but I suppose that's why we have wooden furniture.

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