June 1st, 2010

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FA United 3 - The Day After

Started the day with breakfast at the con suite, which I was surprised was still open. Then packed up and brought everything down to the car. I think we (jbadger and I) nailed the logistic problem of moving stuff out of the room this time. We shared a hotel luggage cart, got everything down in one trip, and took turns getting our cars to the hotel front door to load up. After that, we joined a group of fellow FAU attendees at the Sage Diner down the road. Since I just had breakfast at the con suite, I only ordered nachos. Which, of course, turned out to not be a light snack.

After that, jbadger and I went geocaching. He had to travel back to Long Island, so we split up after about an hour or so and I continued geocaching in a southwesterly direction in Cherry Hill, Haddon Heights, Westville, and Paulsboro. The most interesting cache of the day was "One Cool Cache". It's a large cooler. The cache description claims that it is the largest cache in Gloucester County and I'll give them that, although I have seen bigger caches. Its size certainly made it easy to find and I was glad of that because it took some work to make my way through the dense woods and daylight was rapidly fading at the time.

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