June 4th, 2010


Dover, Milford

Sunny and 90-98°F. It was a hot day. I had to drop off a bag of yard waste at the yard waste collection site and I also had at least one errand I could do in Kent County, so I figured I might as well do some geocaching down that way. It's a mixed bag of geocaches since I decided to include some puzzle/mystery caches that I had to do out in the field. I also threw in a bunch that were far from the main highways or that were deemed too difficult or time-consuming on previous trips down south. Those were interesting.

The most challenging puzzle of the day was "Down, Around, & Back Up Again". This is a physical puzzle where the cache log is locked inside a plastic maze puzzle. I had to guide a tiny ball through the maze until it was at a certain spot where pushing a button on the puzzle would push the ball down on the tray release and release the log sheet. I don't have that much dexterity so it took me quite a while just to get the ball past the first hurdle but it got a bit easier after that. I think it took me half an hour to get the ball to the right spot. Unfortunately, when I pushed the button, the puzzle broke. It's a brilliant idea for a challenge but it needs to be made from material that's more durable than acrylic.

"Milford Gated Community" is a mystery cache where I had to use information from a bunch of tombstones to get coordinates for the actual cache. I always have problems with this exercise because some of the tombstones are hard to read. However, after thinking about it a bit, I deduced the approximate cache location without finding all the required tombstones.

There was a chance of thunderstorms in the weather forecast so I didn't know how much I could do before the storm began. Luckily, the storm didn't get to Delaware until half an hour before dusk so I was able to geocache all the way to Milford. The wind started picking up at the second-last cache of the day so I hurried over to the last cache site to see if I could squeeze one more in. The rain started right when I put my hand on "PMC Lite - Doodles". Great time to stop. So I went to Hardee's just around the block from there and had a quarter pound burger combo. I think I'd become tired of Hardee's if I ate there every day but once a month seems about right.

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