June 11th, 2010


Lancaster XII - Ephrata

Sunny. 80-83°F. After getting a few geocaches in northwest New Castle County, I headed on over to Lancaster County. Tried a new tactic this time. I picked a town and GPS routed to that town. Then I went from geocache to geocache in that town. That was an interesting way to plan a trip. I got to see a whole new area and do a large cluster of caches without driving around too much.

I picked Ephrata because I heard it mentioned on the radio during a previous trip to Lancaster. It's not a really big town but it has a few strip malls, lots of residential areas, a good community park with 5 geocaches (of which I found 4. Left the last one for next time because I didn't see a good trail going in that direction.), a tank, and a library. Yes, there were geocaches at the tank ("Former Defender") and the library ("Mr. Bookman") too.

Ended the day as usual at the fictional pirate fast food restaurant in Lancaster. I had fish and more and I tried a Strawberry IceFlow because I had a coupon for that. It's frozen lemonade. Not sure I'd get that ordinarily but it would be good in 90-degree weather.

The caches...Collapse )