June 19th, 2010

morton blvd

Wilmington and the epic BJ's shopping trip

Sunny and around 90°F again. I was busy all morning and into the afternoon. Since I didn't have much time, I just went to nearby Wilmington and picked at some of the geocaches that I haven't done. "Rockford Multi-Cache II" (in Rockford Park) is a 4-stage multicache though, so there was still quite a bit to do.

In the evening, I went to BJ's Wholesale since I was running low on bar soap. After perusing the soap aisle for quite a while, I found an army-sized pack of soap that was on sale and for which I had a coupon. I also checked the dish detergent aisle and found something that also was on sale and matched a coupon I had. So I brought the two items and coupons over to checkout and my total came to 3 cents! Well, that's not so surprising since I had a $10 coupon from BJ's for renewing my membership. What's neat is I got the final amount almost down to zero without going negative. The bad part was since I was such a good shopper, the cash register flagged the transaction and the cashier had to call a manager over to approve it. That took 15 minutes because BJ's is appalling. However, I now have a year's worth of soap and maybe 2 years of dish detergent, and I only paid 3 cents so I'm not too annoyed at that.

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