June 21st, 2010

morton blvd

Chester, Upland, Media, Clifton Heights

Sunny and 90-95°F. Hot day, so I'm not even sure why I thought it was a good idea to pursue some tough geocaches in Chester County. Went to Chester, Upland, Middletown, Media, and Clifton Heights. Four of the geocaches were accessible from the parking area in Indian Acres Park in Middletown, so that was convenient, although it was a long loop hike to get all four.

"From Glen to Glen" and "Kaboom Tree" had the toughest terrains of the day. Both had steep hill slopes along the way. Just below "Kaboom Tree", there was a pair of birds of prey (All white with gray beak and thick cow-lifting legs.) nesting in a rock formation. I thought it was best to go around on my way up so as not to disturb the nesting site too much. Then I thought of taking a photo but I didn't see those birds again on my way down. Oh well.

"Bat in the Woods" is the most unusual geocache of the day. The cache container is a bat. (as in baseball, not flying mammal) It wasn't a real bat but a hollow plastic container the size and shape of a bat. I haven't seen that used as a cache container before. It's an amusing cache container but the downside is it's hard to hide well. It was completely exposed when I found it.

Another weird thing: Someone left a bunch of pills in "Kaboom Tree". My guess that those were just vitamins but I removed and disposed of the pills anyway because I can't be sure if that's what they are or if they are something dangerous. Also, the pills were starting to melt and become a sticky mess.

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