June 22nd, 2010


West Chester, Exton, Downingtown, Thorndale, Guthriesville

Another hot, sunny day. 90-95°F. Went geocaching in the portion of Chester County lying to the north and northwest of West Chester. I was curious about two mystery caches in particular so I did those first. "Stroll Along Main Street" in Exton took a lot longer to do than I expected. There were 3 locations I had to visit to get info but only two of the coordinates provided were correct. The last one was on Main St too but I had to look around for the specific store. Then the final walk seemed long too but perhaps it was the heat.

I didn't know what to expect at "Market Street TB Caboose" but this cache turned out to be a huge steel locker sitting in plain sight on a railroad platform. Of course, the railroad people know about this. It's their box too. The challenge here is to unlock the two combination locks. I noticed that the last visitor got the combination wrong because the numbers shown on the locks were what I thought at first too. After rereading the cache description, I realized my mistake and unlocked the box successfully.

The caches...Collapse )