July 4th, 2010

morton ave

The New Welcome Center

Delaware Welcome Center on I-95 This afternoon, I had to do accounting and weeding. What the two activities have in common is I have to do both regularly or the work will pile up. I saved the weeding for a little later in the afternoon, hoping that it wouldn't be so hot then. It still was. After an hour of pulling weeds, I had a barrel of weeds. I also felt slightly ill, possibly because some of those weeds are noxious. However, I did get rid of most of the larger broad-leafed weeds and some of the fence-climbing bindweed.

After that, I went out to do some shopping and find a geocache. Along the way, I stopped at the newly-rebuilt Delaware Welcome Center on I-95. It closed in September and reopened a few days ago. (Or at least that's when I started noticing blurbs about it on electronic signs near home.) The new design looks a lot better than the old rest area, which had gotten rather drab. The food court and convenience store are pretty standard for highway rest areas. There are also a tourist information center, and photos and historical exhibits along the walls. I don't think I'll be using this rest area much though. For one thing, if I have to go to the restrooms 6 miles after leaving home, then I have a problem. Also, as far as the food offerings go, rest area prices apply. (For example, a Burger King combo meal is $7-$9 there.)

Only did one geocache this evening and that was Just a Short Trip Away near Walmart in Elkton. That didn't take long. On the way back, I got a free McCafe mocha frappe at McDonald's in Glasgow. There seems to be one freebie in every McDonald's coupon booklet. The valid date range for this coupon is usually a lot narrower than for the other coupons, so I missed the giveaway the last time but I got it this time.